The Importance of Regular Oil Changes

To some, it's an on-and-off again proposition. To others, it's never thought of. Still, to others it carries an almost religious importance, carried out with great ceremony. No matter where you may fall in the camp of car owner maintenance, it really is important to have your vehicle's oil changed regularly.

It's also one of the relatively easiest things a car owner can do to really keep the vehicle's health at its best. That it can be done so quickly and conveniently somewhat hides the complex nature your car's engine has with oil. Let us explain.

Oil is somewhat like the lifeblood of your engine, and fulfills a crucial role. As it circulates through the engine and related components, oil creates a lubricating film between the many moving parts. It creates a tiny but important barrier that keeps the metal surfaces of engine components from actually touching. As we all know, engines run fast, hot and under tremendous physical force. Keeping everything properly lubricated and running smoothly is simply fundamental.

Oil changes are necessary since, as time passes, your engine's oil gets contaminated and degrades. The byproducts of burning gasoline work to erode the qualities of the oil, reducing its ability to provide the optimum lubrication that is so important. At the molecular level, the constructions that impart oil with its amazing ability to lubricate your engine slowly break down, which compounds the problem of it losing its effectiveness.

Changing the oil and the oil filter assure that your engine operates properly and under the best internal conditions. Running a car with soiled or contaminated oil can often lead to serious if not irreparable engine damage, and no one wants that! There are many guidelines for oil changes offered by car manufacturers, but an often-embraced "rule of thumb" is every 3000 miles. Bolton Oil Change will consult with you regarding any specific recommendations from your manufacturer, and we will also help you remember the next change by placing reminder stickers in your vehicle.

Regular oil changes are one of the best investments you can make in protecting your vehicle, maintaining its value, and keeping it running at peak performance.

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