Bolton's Oil Co. Ltd. - A Part of the Lubbock Community for Over 70 Years

A Few Things About Us

Technical Expertise

In addition to our self-storage and business property leasing, we have over six decades of experience in the fuel center business and related automobile care.

Locally & Family Owned

We have been a part of Lubbock for well over 60 years, and our great staff is comprised of your neighbors in the community.

Excellent Service

Few things are as important to us as our reputation for honest, fair and courteous customer service, in all that we do.


Who We Are - A Wonderful, Long History

Original Bolton's Oil service station in Lubbock, TexasThe history of Bolton Oil Company is one of the entrepreneurial spirit in its truest form. It is a story of a man and wife with little but a desire to succeed.

After service in WW II, Durwood Bolton returned home to his wife Laverne in Lubbock, Texas. They lived in a small wooden-frame house on the comer of 38th and Avenue Q. At that time, Avenue Q dead-ended at 38th Street. Durwood was like tens of thousands of other soldiers, having very few possessions; however, he had a huge desire to explore all opportunities, as life in peacetime America was good.

Durwood's father drove a gasoline truck for Ohlenbusch Oil Company. Mr. Ohlenbusch wanted to open more service stations and expand his Col-Tex gasoline distributorship. He must have seen Durwood's potential and desire, because in 1949, he asked Durwood if he would like to be in business for himself. Of course he said yes, but explained that he had no money. Mr. Ohlenbusch agreed to install tanks and pumps and purchased gasoline for Durwood to pay back as it was sold.

Durwood Bolton, of Bolton Oil Co. in Lubbock.The land that Durwood lived on seemed the ideal place for a service station as Lubbock was growing at a tremendous rate. Durwood remodeled the garage portion of their house, and it served as an office structure for the first service station - and now the cherished roots of Bolton Oil Company.

Durwood believed in promoting his business with friendliness and by giving something away with a fill-up. That included a loaf of bread, a bag of sugar, stamps to redeem for gas or cash, trash bags, a collectible drinking glass, or a turkey. Over the years, there has always been some kind of promotion, such as a registration to win a bicycle, a trip to Hawaii, or in later years, a new car or truck.

Original Bolton's Oil Co. location in Lubbock, Texas.In 1963, the oldest son, Charles, began managing one of the service stations. In 1970, the second son, Scott, also began managing a service station. They had been working with their Dad and learning the business since they were about 13, so their Dad's work ethic was drilled into them. Durwood believed in the saying, "Early to bed, early to rise."

By 1979, the company had expanded to 11 service stations, two long-haul gas trucks, and a new office and warehouse. However, it was the hardest year for the Bolton family and the company. Durwood died unexpectedly while deer hunting in South Texas. The impact of his life was, and still is, far-reaching for his family, for Lubbock's business history, and for all those who knew him.

The gasoline crisis of the seventies set the industry on a new path. The new thing was high-traffic convenience stores with gasoline out front. The Boltons decided to focus their efforts in a new direction and branch out to the automotive oil change business. In 1981, 82nd & University became the first Bolton Oil Change location. Eventually, the company provided six oil change locations along with fuel centers and a burgeoning self storage location. The very successful oil change business was sold in 2019 to further help the company focus on fuel centers and its other enterprises.

Today, there are six gas stations, a self storage business, and a number of rental properties that keep the family very busy. The office complex and warehouse at 54th & Avenue Q is now the central office. Charles' son Monte and Scott's son Shannon work in the office with Charles and Scott. Laverne Bolton passed on in October of 2002, leaving Scott and Charles, four grandchildren, and ten great-grandchildren.